Block Boy 'N Friends, the epitome of culture & creative expression envisioned by'CeetheKreator'.

Immerse yourself in the fusion of Art, Tech, and Street Fashion as Block Boy 'N Friends takes you on a captivating journey through animated storytelling, making every experience a vibrant exploration of the arts.

'CeetheKreator's vision goes beyond conventional boundaries, creating an animated world that serves as a canvas for expressing and sharing creative ideas. Block Boy 'N Friends is morethan a brand; it's a platform that invites you to join a global community where creativity knows no limits.

Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure at the intersection of
art, music, technology, and street fashion?

Discover the Block Boy 'N Friends universe and let the story unfold.

Who is ‘Cee the Kreator’

A multi-disciplinary artist from Zambia now based in South Africa, renowned for his exceptional talent in illustration and graphic design. As the visionary creator of Block Boy and the BBNF Universe, he has embarked on a mission to redefine the African creative narrative. Cee draws inspiration from diverse sources that have shaped his upbringing, merging Anime, Tech, Music & street-culture, social challenges & community.

This fusion not only captures the attention of audiences but resonates deeply with the emotions of those who experience it.

His fearless exploration of uncharted territories and
boundary-pushing has earned him the status of a pioneer in the industry, inspiring artists across Africa and beyond!